Website Account Access

Pershing changed its pricing structure to encourage clients to receive their statements and trade confirmations electronically rather than by mail.  Beginning December 1, 2010 a one dollar surcharge is being assessed

for each paper account statement and trade confirmation sent to you by regular mail.

If you have a computer, we recommend switching to electronic delivery for the following reasons:

      ·  It's faster.  An email from Pershing, LLC will let you know when your brokerage statements and confirmations are available.

      ·  It's convenient.  Account information can be viewed from anywhere you have internet service.  You will no longer need to file and store your statements and confirms.

      ·  It's environmentally friendly.  Paperless communication saves trees.

      ·  It's money in your pocket. To paraphrase Ben Franklin, "A dollar saved is a dollar earned."

In order to go paperless, here's what you need to do:

      ·  Go to

      ·  Under Secure Log ON (right side) click Register Now next to New User?.  Your financial organization number is 3Z1. Also, a step by step demo is available (lower right).

Note - If you have several accounts with different tax id numbers, you need to contact us to set up website accessability.

If you do have an internet account established, listed below are the appropriate website links:

My Edocument Suites (single user) -

Netexchange Client (multiple users) -